International Journal Advances in Social Science and Humanities ( IJASSH )


TitleUsage of Electronic – Resources by the Postgraduate Students, Research Scholars and Faculty Members of Engineering faculty of Annamalai University, Tamilnadu
AuthorK.Vijaya Kumar
AbstractThis paper aims to evaluate the use of Electronic Research (E-Resources) by the library Users of Engineering faculty of Annmalai University, Tamil Nadu, India, with a view to examine the exposure of users to e-resources. Besides, it aims to high light the alert services offered by the library, most preferred of the journal awareness of e- resources, helpfulness of e-resources and efforts made by the library for better E-services to their users. This study is based on a structured questionnaire for the propose of this study, total 800 questionnaire more distributed among the post graduate students, research scholars, and faculty members of all department in engineering 600 questionnaires received back duly filled by the respondents. Various statistical methods have been used for analysis of data.