International Journal Advances in Social Science and Humanities ( IJASSH )


TitleThe Study on the Index for Global Mobility of Scientific and Technological Talents
AuthorYinqiu Wang
AbstractThe global mobility of scientific and technological talents is a prominent phenomenon, and many countries all over the world have put a high premium on it in recent years. Therefore, in this paper, we design a quantitative method to measure and evaluate brain gains and brain drains with a group of indicators for countries in the round. Not only considering the amounts of inflow and outflow of talents, we also investigate qualities of global mobility of talents and its effectiveness for origin countries and destination countries. An index named Global Scientific and Technological Talents Mobility Index is constructed on the grouping of 17 indicators into 8 sub--sub--pillars, 4 sub-- pillars, 2 pillars and an overall index. Then, a great number of corresponding data and information about the proposed indicators about global mobility of talents was collected and processed. Finally, the values of indicators, sub-- sub--pillars, sub--pillars and pillars about global mobility of talents for some selected OECD countries are calculated; hence, comparisons between these countries can be obtained. The effectiveness of the proposed results is discussed and varied.